Ben Nelson’s About-Face

by Ryan on December 19, 2009

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I guess we all have our price.  I guess sometimes the weight of the Liberal world is too much for those not grounded in principle to withstand for too long.  I guess we should have expected Ben Nelson to capitulate to Harry Reid and Obama’s powerful minions and agree to vote cloture on Harry Reid’s shadowy and unclear version of Obama Care.

Oh, Nelson justified his swing saying that there are “additional abortion restrictions” and “more state control” over the issue, but to those who claim to be pro-life (like we thought Ben Nelson believed himself to be), one cannot truly compromise on the issue of the life and death of the unborn where public funds are concerned.  You just can’t — especially if it is your vote which sets in motion the state sponsorship of abortion.

Well, Ben Nelson just did, despite his own state’s strong opposition to the bill (67-26% against the bill!).  There has to be some powerful forces behind the scenes — threats, promises, shady deals — to have so many “respected” people of principle do so many 180s on critically important issues.  Perhaps someday someone will write a book and we’ll find out the real dirt!

Nelson also meekly indicated that he’d vote against final passage if the Senate Bill is tinkered with too much in conference committee sessions with the House.  Now that we all know Ben Nelson’s not going to be in Profiles in Courage II, I’m pretty sure he’ll capitulate on the final bill — as will Lieberman, Lincoln, Landrieu, and all the so-called Moderate Democrats.  It’s clear to me that passing some health care bill has become much more important than what passes.  Principle is taking a backseat as we watch in surreal wonder how the potentially largest power-grab in American history is inching its way to becoming reality.

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Johnny Perez December 20, 2009 at 12:04 pm

I could understand Nelson’s switch if he was PERSONALLY getting millions, but to give up on the greatest issue just for the moneyed largess going to his state is tragically selfish an morally untenable.


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