Nelson Down 30 in Nebraska

by Mike on December 29, 2009

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Rasmussen Reports has released a poll showing that Democrat Senator Ben Nelson would lose re-election to Republican Governor Dave Heineman by a staggering 30 points if the 2012 election were held today.  Obviously the 2012 election isn’t being held today, but that shouldn’t provide Nelson much comfort.

A poll showing a Republican with a healthy lead in Nebraska is not normally earth shattering news.  Neither is a poll that illuminates a Democrat President’s unpopularity in the state.  But this poll is significant because Nelson is a Democrat who has consistently won statewide elections in one of the most Republican states in the country.  He accomplished this by making a career out of convincing Nebraska voters that he is different than the liberal Democrats who dominate his party’s national scene.  What this poll shows is that Nelson’s reputation as a moderate is gone.

With one vote for Obamacare, one sellout, Nelson destroyed the reputation he spent a career building.  Time heals a lot of political wounds, but it doesn’t heal all.  Especially when it looks like bribery.

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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