They Don’t Call It Road Island for Nothing

by Mike on December 30, 2009

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According to Forbes Magazine, Rhode Island leads the nation in . . . safe driving.  Be sure to check out the next issue of Forbes Magazine for their feature on Hawaii’s reaction to the news that they lead the nation in annual snowfall.

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Chris December 31, 2009 at 2:22 am

That’s unexpected.


Ryan December 31, 2009 at 12:38 pm

Huh? I’m calling BS on this one!

Upon reading the Forbes article, it indicates that RI has the most laws and measures to ensure safe driving, without citing any information regarding what the car insurance companies have to say about Lil’ Rhody. A few years ago RI was the worst state in the union when it came to number of accidents, tickets, driver’s negligence, etc. per square mile. It’s been terrible most of my life.

What changed? Nothing, perhaps, except for a few new laws. Just because a state has a lot of laws doesn’t mean the roads are any safer. Drive through RI yourself and you’ll find out that oodles of laws and regulations don’t add up to a safe drive when the people on the road are the ones to fear more than the cops.


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