The Stimulus Slush Fund Spending Money in Places That Don’t Exist

by Sal on January 4, 2010

in Economy,Politics

I’ve said all along that the Obama administration would be nothing more than Chicago thug politics, mob rule meets the White House, and that the stimulus porkulus was nothing but a Democrat slush-fund.  Well, Stimulus reporting is now resembling a classic money-laundering scheme.  It seems that the same agency that reports on how many jobs have been “created or saved” also is responsible for reporting on the usage of stimulus funds by geographic region.  Late last year, it was learned that billions of stimulus dollars were sent to non-existent congressional districts.  Now, it has been discovered that hundreds of thousands of dollars (so far) have been sent to non-existent zip codes.  I am sure that Obama will try to find some way to blame this on Bush.

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