That Awesome America Rising Video

by Mike on January 5, 2010

in Election 2010,Politics

Some of the best political messages are the ones that simply capture the thoughts of those swing voters who don’t pay as much attention to politics as they should.  This poster in support of the British Conservative Party is a good example.  As is the following video depicting an open letter to the leaders of the Democrat Party.

It obviously plays well with conservatives, but the message also sums up the frustrations of the many swing voters who put Obama over the top in 2008.  They don’t believe in big government, but they don’t pay as much attention as they should.  Rightfully frustrated with some of the decisions made by George Bush, they voted for the Chosen One without exactly realizing what they were voting for.  Now that they see what they voted for, they have buyers remorse.

A grass roots video that fires up the base while simultaneously tracing the journey of the mildly apolitical.  Pretty effective.  Let’s hope it goes viral.

Hat tip:  Babalu

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