Christopher Dodd to Retire

by Mike on January 6, 2010

in Election 2010,Politics

With Obamacare growing more unpopular by the day, the club of Democrats seeing the writing on the wall has seen its membership explode.  Later today, Chris Dodd will become the newest member of that not-so-exclusive club when he announces that he will not seek re-election to the Senate later this year.  Many people assume that Dodd is retiring because he knows he is going to lose and that’s probably true, but I think Mary Matalin also raises a good point.  Chris Dodd is one of the most corrupt politicians around.  It might make sense for him to leave before his reputation gets even worse than it already is.

Like most of the conservative side of the internet, I’m pleased with this development.  Yes, Dodd’s retirement makes it easier for the Democrats to hold on to one of their Senate seats, but everyone, regardless of party, should be thrilled when someone as corrupt as Dodd is pushed into retirement like this.  Besides, the Democrats are still unpopular this year and the Republican candidates in Connecticut are well-funded and could still win the seat.

Even if the GOP does not pick up Dodd’s seat this year, it isn’t the end of the world.  The Republicans were not going to win enough seats in 2010 to pass our agenda over a Presidential veto.  Even without Connecticut, the GOP will make enough to gains to slam the brakes on Obama’s agenda and set the table for 2012.  One Senate seat is now less winnable for the good guys, but Chris Dodd will no longer occupy the Senate seat he always took for granted.

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