Gay Marriage Defeated in NJ Senate

by Ryan on January 7, 2010

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Earlier this afternoon, the New Jersey State Senate voted 20-14 (with 5 not voting and 1 vacancy) to defeat the latest gay marriage proposal.  Lame-duck Governor Jon Corzine vowed to sign it into law, while Governor-elect Chris Christie said he would veto any gay marriage bill.  Neither will get that chance now.

Here’s a few things I noticed about this vote:

1.  It was proposed and voted on through the legislative process.  No court dictates, just the legislative process on the state level reinforcing a reserved power delegated to the states.  Nice thing to see, especially in these times.

2.  Also, the vote results in no change to the status of gays in New Jersey, where gay couples already may have a civil union status, as well as legal rights for those in such unions.  So, all those who voted against the proposal can hide behind that fact, while those who voted for it still voted their point of view — it was a safe vote taken by the ordinarily liberal State Senate in response to an issue New Jerseyans have moderate feelings about.

It seems like NJ doesn’t mind any two adults coupling and forming a legal union, but their representatives do still have a problem with altering our culture’s idea of marriage itself.  To borrow an analogy from a friend:  it’s like the difference between a high school diploma and a GED — they get you to the same place, but definitely aren’t the same thing.  I guess that’s the best social conservatives can expect from the deep blue Garden State.

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