Irony in Moving Gitmo Prisoners to Illinois

by Sal on January 7, 2010

in Politics,War on Terror

It is always fun when something ironic happens to prove how stupid liberal policies are.  Take for example the snowstorms and record cold temperatures that seem to follow the Global Warming nuts around, culminating in a freak-blizzard in Copenhagen during the world climate summit.  Well, the a similar irony (this one far more dangerous) occured in Illinois yesterday.

Yesterday, an Illinois pannel voted to turn over a prison in northwestern Illinois to the Federal Government, so that Obama can use it to house prisoners from Guantanemo Bay, Cuba and keep his campaign promise to close down Gitmo.  On the same day, three prisoners escaped from a federal prison in southern Illinois, showing that prisoners can and do indeed escape the system.  That is the genius of Club Gitmo.  Even if the terrorists did escape Gitmo, they’d have no where to go except the Atlantic Ocean, or to Castro.  If they escape from the prison in Illinois (which isn’t far from a nuclear facility), they can do plenty of damage.

I love the irony in play here, as it illustrates beautifully the problem of Obama’s wacky policy.  Unfortunately, it’s a policy that is highly dangerous and may cost lives.  I hope that everything goes smoothly and the transition is flawless, but somehow, I have my doubts.  This story should serve as a warning as to why.

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