A Warning from Peggy Noonan

by Ryan on January 8, 2010

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We could all sense over the last year or two that Peggy Noonan has wandered a bit from the reservation.  She caught a touch of Obama fever a year ago and began sounding like the perfect example of the kind of Republican who was getting ready to drift in the glorious minority for a generation or so.

In 2010, however, the Democrats are poised to do the best they can to destroy themselves in the short-run, hoping the long-term impact of Obama Care will be like creating a new social security — a program they can beat the Republicans with for the next 75 years.  However, if the Dems fail (God willing) and the Republicans win big this year, then what next?

Here’s Peggy Noonan’s latest take on 2010, and one that shows signs that she might be getting it again.  A little common sense and a warning for establishment Republicans:

Republican political professionals in Washington assume a coming victory. They do not see that 2010 could be a catastrophic victory for them. If they seize back power without clear purpose, if they are not serious, if they do the lazy and cynical thing by just sitting back and letting the Democrats lose, three bad things will happen. They will contribute to the air of cynicism in which our citizens marinate. Their lack of seriousness will be discerned by the Republican base, whose enthusiasm and generosity will be blunted. And the Republicans themselves will be left unable to lead when their time comes, because operating cynically will allow the public to view them cynically, which will lessen the chance they will be able to do anything constructive.

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James Douglass January 10, 2010 at 10:18 pm

I loved Peggy Noonan for years, booth in print and on television. Her intellect and writing were outstanding. This certainly changed for me during the election campaign. Ms. Noonan began to sound like she was infatuated with Mr. Obama which left me scratching my head. Her clear knowing speech went from pure honey and reason to ” what am I hearing?” and finally I quit reading her and she stopped being invited to comment on conservative shows I watched from time to time. Perhaps she has come back down to earth; time will tell.
As for the Republicans I n0 longer hold them in esteem let alone high esteem. They have proven time and again that most of them including those who represent me in Kansas are “go along get along” people of the first order. Incumbent protection is the first and ONLY order of business for the republicans and the national republican re-election committees. I refuse to contribute any longer. I donate to individual candidates through their organizations..
I urge you to do the same.
James Douglass
Garden City, Kansas


Sal January 11, 2010 at 8:00 am


I think that it is becoming far more common to donate directly to candidates, or to organizations such as the Tea Party USA, SarahPAC, or Jim DeMint’s organization that directly contribute to CONSERVATIVE candidates. It is a crying shame that the GOP establishment could donate $1M to Dede Scozzofava’s campaign, but couldn’t donate more than $50k to Scott Brown’s campaign.

Being a MA resident myself I sent my check to Scott Brown last night. You can bet the RNC, NRSC, and NRCC will not see a dime of my money this election cycle.


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