Harry Reid and the “Negro Dialect” Issue

by Ryan on January 10, 2010

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What’s with old Democrat Senators and unscripted and inappropriate racial comments?  I mean Harry Reid’s comment about candidate Barack Obama not having a “negro dialect” ain’t as bad as Robert Byrd’s “white n-word” statement from a few years back, but it still ain’t cool at all (by the way that same Democrat Robert Byrd, former KKK recruiter, is still in the Senate today). Was Reid insinuating that if Obama did have a “negro dialect,” his candidacy would have been different somehow? Hmm…

Yet, this could be totally benign.  Harry Reid might be trying to “take the word back” [warning: link has LOTS of offensive language] or he might just living in another era — we know his political philosophy is out of the 1930s, so maybe his views on race are from back then too!

I guess only old Democrats can get away with this kind of stuff because we all know if Reid were a Republican, we’d already be setting up candidates for a special election to replace him.  That or he’d be made to apologize dozens of times every where he went for the rest of his career.  I’m glad Obama has accepted Reid’s apology and didn’t rush to judgment like Obama’s done in the past.  I think both Reid and Obama have shown growth through dealing with this incident.

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January 11, 2010 at 5:43 pm

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rightonoz January 10, 2010 at 6:08 pm


While the whole racist thing is a touchy subject that was a well made video.

We have a similar situation down here were certain words can only be used by indigenous people and they are free to say what they like about the inferior, repressive, discriminating white population but whites cannot say anything that even remotely cold be suggested to be demeaning etc.

Hey we even have a brand of cheese down here called Coon and there have been attempts to force them to change the name, despite it being the original developer’s name. “COON was launched in 1931 by Fred Walker who used a newly patented cheese making process developed by Edward Coon – after whom the cheese is named.”

I know, it’s necessary to ensure that nothing we say is demeaning to any other race or group, however sometine I feel the whole thing just goes too far.


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