Corrupt Media Desperately Tries to Save Coakley

by Mike on January 13, 2010

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The most obvious enemy to modern conservatism is the Democrat Party because that is the structure liberals use to win enough elections to pass and implement policies that control the lives of productive citizens and in the process undermine American strength and prosperity.  The surprisingly competitive Massachusetts Senate election shows just how important party is to both sides of the political spectrum.  The pickup of this one Senate seat would give conservatives in the Republican Party the opportunity to stop or water down President Obama’s big government agenda generally and the Obamacare fiasco specifically.  However, the Massachusetts Senate race also shows that the Democrat Party isn’t conservatism’s only enemy.

As this AP story makes painfully obvious, the mainstream media is also a powerful political enemy of every non-liberal because today’s media does nothing more than mislead people by dishonestly carrying water for the Democrat Party.  Take the story referred to by our commenter Chris.  After fundraising with lobbyists in Washington last night, the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack got close enough to the Princess to ask her if she stood by her asinine comments that Al Qaeda and thee Taliban are no longer in Afghanistan.  After Coakley refused to answer the question, her goon Michael Meehan shoved McCormack to the ground.  This being the internet age, the brownshirt tactics were plastered all over the internet and Coakley denied knowing anything about the incident even though there were photographs proving that Coakley was lying and treating the voters like fools.

Undoubtedly aware of the political risks of people finding out that the Coakley campaign used violence in support of a candidate wedded to far left, the AP ran a headline claiming that the reporter slipped and that the Coakley goon actually helped the clumsy reporter off of the pavement.  Not that you need anything other than your own eyes to contradict the AP’s account, the goon himself has admitted what we all knew was true.  A Martha Coakley goon roughed up a reporter who dared asked Princess a question that could embarrass her at the worst possible time.  And the AP dutifully tried to cover it up.

In recent years, the mainstream media has shown that it is the enemy of all honest, thinking people.  They report only the information they want you to know.  They withhold information they don’t want you to know.  They make up stories to fit their fantasy narrative.  And now they insult your intelligence by denying what you can see with your own eyes.  The media’s purpose in misleading the public has been to convince them to elect those Democrats who implement the boneheaded ideas they support.  In doing so, they have demonstrated that they need to be defeated too.

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