Palate Cleansers? Not a Bad Idea. Cheers!

by Mike on January 15, 2010

in Nostalgia,Pop Culture

The Anchoress currently features some of the best coverage of the Haiti earthquake you’ll find anywhere.  With all that depressing news, it’s understandable that she would also sprinkle her blog with a series “palate cleansers” to lift our spirits.  The entertainment she chose is a series oof television theme shows from the 1970s.  Not a bad idea, especially when the catchy Laverne and Shirley theme song is thrown into the mix.

But the 1970s?  Sure, some of the shows were alright, but if really want a dose of feel-good nostalgia, you need to go back to the decade we grew up in, the 1980s.  Thanks for the idea Anchoress, but I’ll see your Maude, and raise you Cheers!

I went the longer version because that video shows scenes from the show and really adds to the feel good element of this.  That said, nothing beats the traditional version.

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Sal January 16, 2010 at 11:54 am

Cheers.. The Cosby Show… Family Ties… What a great decade for TV…


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