Realignment of the Senate

by Sal on January 15, 2010

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Ben Nelson was booed out of a local pizza parlor in his home state of Nebraska yesterday.  Serves him right.  Nelson, who has always been personally popular in his home state, is now enduring the wrath of his constituents for selling his vote for ObamaCare.  His situation is one in which the liberal policy of Obama may end up realigning the Senate to reflect the real will of the American People.

The Battleground Poll is often cited as evidence that we are a center-right nation.  In it, a super-majority of people claim to be either somewhat or very Conservative.  State-by-state, there are far more conservative states than liberal states.  The Senate, being an institution of States, should reflect that.

Bruce Walker at American Thinker has broken down the red states that are represented by Democrat Senators (such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, etc.) and found that the voting record of most of the so-called “moderate” Democrats (using ACU ratings) is decidedly liberal (ironically, Ben Nelson seems to be the exception with a 47% ACU rating, but his vote for ObamaCare may have just sealed his fate).

The policies of Obama are exposing the so-called moderate Democrats for what they really are – unabashed liberals.  As more people in red states see this, it may turn the tide and move the Senate to a far more conservative institution that reflects the true beliefs of the people of this great nation.

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