24 Season 8 Debuts Tomorrow Night

by Ryan on January 16, 2010

in Pop Culture,War on Terror

Jack is back!

I love saying that whenever it means a new season of 24 is upon us!  No drunken disorderliness or writer’s strike this time — there’s nothing in the way from plunging into a brand new day of one of my favorite series’ ever!  All I know about the new season is that there are some familiar faces (Kim, President Taylor, Chloe, and even Renee Walker), some new faces, and that it takes place in New York City.  Aside from the images in the trailer I know nothing else… which is pretty cool going into this premiere.

So, after playoff football tomorrow night, turn to your local Fox affiliate and check out the season premiere — it’s one of those shows where you can’t miss a second.  It’s also a chance to go back to a place where the government seems like they’re all on the same page trying to stop terrorism; something which feels more and more like fiction every day.

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