Brown’s Coalition

by Sal on January 18, 2010

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Michelle Malkin has a great article today about Brown’s coalition and what it means in regards to electoral politics.  It seems there are some on the RINO side of the party (David Frum, in this case) who content that Brown is a fellow-RINO, and that he is vindication that RINOs are needed to win elections.  Frum even goes so far as to say that Brown is more liberal than Dede Scozzofava.  Malkin debunks that argument, issue by issue, and points out how Brown has channeled the populist anger at the direction of the country and turned it into a viable campaign:

Instead, Brown has run on the core Tea Party issues of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and a strong national defense, while appealing to a broader swath of voters by emphasizing integrity, independence, and willingness to stand up to machine politics. After a year’s worth of Obama’s phony fruits and congressional foxes guarding the henhouse, voters have had enough of the enablers and water-carriers. Unlike Frum, Brown is channeling the energies of taxpayers of all stripes who are disgusted and angry — yes, ANGRY! – with the culture of corruption in Washington. That is how Brown has struck common ground with his insurgent center-right-indie coalition: By stepping up to oppose the Dems’ plans to rig the game and undermine representative government, instead of sneering at angry taxpayers’ “ideological extremism”/”paranoia” and instead of trashing the talk radio networks through which those angry taxpayers communicate, commiserate, and organize.

Michelle is right.  Brown may not be a perfect candidate, but he is no RINO, at least by electoral standards.  He is to the right of the Bobsey Twins from Maine (Collins and Snowe) and to the right of former GOP RINO Benedict Arlen Specter.  If he votes the way he has campaigned, I put him more in line with a Rudy Giuliani; not the best, but certainly preferable to anyone else that has come out of the political cesspool of Massachusetts in a long time.

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shorething January 19, 2010 at 6:49 am

dede is not on the ballot. and when she was conservatives had a win, not a Win. we did enough to get rid of the most liberal of the three. and would frum be willing to bet against Hoffman in november?


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