Next Tea-Party Test: Illinois Republican Primary

by Sal on January 21, 2010

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What to do about Illinois.  Emboldened by the victory in Massachusetts, Tea Party activists are clamoring to support Patrick Hughes over Mark Kirk in the Senate Primary.  Kirk is the odds-on favorite, but he is a full-fledged RINO;  he supports abortion to the extreme (partial-birth abortion), he supports gun control, and he supported cap-and-tax.  On the flip side, he has voted against both the Porkulus and ObamaCare, so he does have some conservative votes under his belt.  By-and-large, however, he is a RINO. (Patriot Room has a good summary of his record).

Tea Party Activists, itching to flex their muscles, are looking towards Patrick Hughes, an unknown Conservative in the race who is challenging Kirk.  Hughes, a virtual unknown, is a true Conservative and is going after Kirk.  However, he has virtually no money and no name recognition, where Kirk does and has a history of winning in liberal Chicago.

The question is, is Illinois the case where you go against the RINO for principle, or go for the RINO for the victory?  With the primary less than two weeks away (on February 2), it’s going to be hard for Hughes to gain that name recognition and money quickly.  On the other hand, if the Tea Party succeeds in promoting this candidate, it will send shock waves through the Republican Party Establishment.

Since I don’t know enough about Hughes, I am not sure if he is a candidate like Scott Brown that can win. Where NY-23 and the Florida Senate Primary are clear-cut, as was Pennsylvania before Specter switched parties, this one I am not so sure about.  Kirk is a popular figure, and he does vote with the GOP some of the time.  However, he is hardly a fiscal conservative, and he is definitely not right on the social issues, so what does Kirk give us other than a vote?  Given this, I am leaning towards supporting Hughes.  It is one thing to have some moderate positions (like Brown) but quite another to be an unpredictable, full-fledged RINO.  I could be persuaded that I’m wrong on this one, however.  Any takers?

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AllacrossAmerica January 27, 2010 at 1:37 pm

I love how these people SPIN the truth – clearly the best man running for the Republican nomination for the US Senate seat belonging to obama is Judge Don Lowery……………..but of course if he doesn’t live in the Chicago land area THEY WILL JUST IGNORE HIM…………………….sad, VERY SAD!


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