A Right to Life

by Sal on January 22, 2010

in Bioethics,Law,Right to Life

Today marks the 37th anniversary of one of the worst legal decisions to come down from the Supreme Court in the history of this nation – Roe v. Wade.  So much has been said about the issue of abortion, and regular readers of this blog know where myself, Mike, and Ryan stand on the issue.  Yet as we memorialize this tragic decision and the millions of lives that were ended as a result of this decision made in the name of “equality,” I want to touch on a few points:

  • Roe v. Wade was decided on a Constitutional right to privacy that does not exist in the Constitution.  It effectively bans any legal body in the U.S. from restricting abortion in a way that it does not do with any other human, medical, or personal activity.  It took away the issue of abortion from the people and their elected representatives, and put it in the hands of nine unelected judges who decided to make law instead of interpret it.  Regardless of your position on abortion, surely any proponent of Democracy would think that the decision about whether abortion can/should be legal would be better served to be in the hands of the people.  That way, good, honest debate could occur and minds could be changed.
  • The best action that supporters of life can make is to work to convince the hearts and minds of their fellow citizens.  Politicians will never work to change the status quo unless the people demand it of them.  The more people who can be convinced of the sanctity of life, the better change that there is that Roe will eventually be overturned.
  • On that note, support for life is moving in our direction.   Despite the fact that establishment Republicans consider the life issue to be an albatross, more Americans now consider themselves pro-life than pro-choice.

As we mark this day, we should pray for all of those women who find themselves in a difficult situation who are contemplating an abortion, that they may find a path and the help and support that they need to make the choice that preserves life.

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