What’s the Big Deal about Sarah Stumping for McCain?

by Sal on January 22, 2010

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No one can ever accuse me of being a fan of Arizona Sen. John McCain.  True, I’ve always admired his service in the war, and also some of his views on spending and his consistent refusal to take earmarks.  Yet at the same time, his constant focus on bi-partisanship and coddling up to the media while disregarding the conservative base has infuriated me time after time.  So one you think that the news that Sarah Palin was going to campaign for McCain would be upsetting to me, as it seems to have upset many on the right, including Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin.

I find myself disagreeing with both Beck and Malkin for several reasons.  First, John McCain is not a liberal and he’s not a RINO.  He’s certainly a moderate, and far less Conservative than I would like for someone coming out of Arizona.  He’s been squishy on immigration, tax cuts, campaign finance, and a host of other issues.  On the other hand, he’s been consistently strong on Government spending and earmarks, the pro-life issue, and national defense.  McCain has an 82% lifetime ACU rating, while RINOs like Snowe, Collins, and Specter (who is now a Democrat) have ratings of 47, 48 and 44% respectively. So McCain, while not as Conservative as I like, does have his virtues, and he’s a fighter.  When he’s on your side, he can be a good SOB to have.

Secondly, Sarah owes McCain some loyalty.  Whatever else he may have done in the past, McCain introduced Sarah Palin to America.  Were it not for McCain, Palin wouldn’t even have the national stage that she has today.  McCain has also almost always been gracious about Palin, refusing to bad mouth her to the press, even though it would have been convenient to do so, and even when the rest of his campaign staff was doing so.  McCain has done a lot to earn Sarah’s loyalty, and she, being the honorable person that she is, is giving her loyalty in return.  So Conservatives, stop beating up on Palin for this one.  McCain should not be propped up as the leader of our movement, but he’s not the biggest target to go after.  Instead, we should focus our efforts on Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Charlie Crist, and other RINOs out there (some of whom McCain is supporting – but that’s not relevant to the issue at hand).  Palin is doing what she should do – being loyal and supporting those who supported her, even when the chips were down.

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Gabriel January 22, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Sarah is starting to make some bad moves. Backing Arsenio Steels is one. Also, the way she backed him was condescending to those of us who recognize that he is a joke and VERY bad for the party. Having a show pony, Hollywood chairman at such a critical time is a disaster. While the GOP is gathering in Baltimore, Hollywood Steele will be dipping his toes in the sand in Hawaii while people are out of work.

Backing McCain makes sense regarding him choosing her as his running mate, but in terms of substance, it is as wrong as it gets. I am starting to see in her that she is falling in love with her legend and not with the policy issues themselves. She still cannot give a good interview because she is always focused on herself and is horrified of HER looking bad.

Compare how she speaks to Michelle Bachman. Bachman is focused on the issues she is discussing themselves not trembling at the thought hat they will ask her what the windows on the Statue of Liberty represent like on Beck’s show. If she was doing this for the issues, exclusively, she could simply punt the irrelevant questions and tell the interviewer to focus on critical topics like employment and national security.

Arsenio Steele cares about his image and what people think about him, first; he cares about the party, second. The fact that she empathizes with him betrays that she is the same way. Taking a stand against McCain would have taken extreme courage, something we expect from a President, right? It would have deeply hurt his feelings and it would have torpedoed his re-election, and it would have been headlines for years, BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RIGHT!!!! Get it?

Even those excoriating her for it would have deep inside respected her for ii. McCain is a disaster and has been an anethema to conservative values. Sarah will be a stage prop with no public office for the rest of her life if she does not forget about her legend and focus on OUR issues as a nation.


Cujo47 January 22, 2010 at 5:53 pm

I am in total agreement. John Mccain is poison to her. He is one of the reasons we have this idiot in the White House. Many of us simply sat out the vote, refusing to vote for him. He would have been no better than Obama. He has served his country and needs to just retire. There are many who have served and should be proud as should he. But the time comes when you outlive your usefullness and his has come. Besides that he can no longer be trusted.


Mike January 22, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Palin does not have to feel indebted to MCCain. He should be inbebted to her, as he would have lost the election by 15% had she not been there to pull his numbers up.
He on the other hand did very little to fight back during the great leftist beatdown.
Palin sadly is starting to look more and more like another MCCain.


Chris January 22, 2010 at 7:40 pm

I have mixed feelings about this one. I believe Sarah Palin to be an honorable individual and like any honorable individual, she is doing the right thing to stump for McCain who introduced her on the national stage. Yet I also agree with Mike that McCain is more indebted to Sarah than she should have to be due to the fact that she prevented him from becoming the next Republican version of Walter Mondale. Sarah was the to deliver the conservatives. She is walking this one with a fine line and I have no problem with it.

I’m not yet to thinking she is the next John McCain as she needs to have a lot more screwups to get to that level. Right now, I still see her as the one to watch in 2012 and if the vote will be tomorrow, she would get my vote. However, I will keep a watchful eye as we make our way to 2012.

And if JD Hayworth does win in the AZ Primary (I hope he does, frankly. I’ve had enough of him over the years and with the exception of picking Sarah, he ran one of the worst Republican presidential campaigns in history.) this will not have a negative affect on Sarah as most Americans will see her as loyal.

On Steele, the jury is still out for me. The RNC under Steele has been fairly successful this past election cycle, as well as in the special election this week, yet his dustups with some fellow conservatives makes me somewhat wary. Also, his comments on Hannity a couple of weeks ago where he does not believe the Republicans will take back the House and Senate. While I think he was trying to lower expectations to reap the benefits for himself and his party, it was not effective strategy for the time in which we are living. Competing against an overconfident Democrat party, the leader of the opposition MUST show optimism and confidence in the face of this that will in turn, make Americans more confident in supporting Republicans this November.


Mr. Blue January 22, 2010 at 9:49 pm

How in the world does Sarah Palin owe anything to McCain? After his campaign handlers shut her down to push his brushed and polished image, she owes nobody.

He brought her up, sure… he also disrespected her by knocking her down at every turn every time she tried to speak her opinion about anything.


Sal January 22, 2010 at 10:58 pm

McCain never had anything but good things to say about Sarah. Like him or not (and I tend not to) he didn’t disrespect her. His handlers (who reports say he is now estranged from) knocked her down at every opportunity. McCain has had more than one opportunity to tear her down based on questions asked in interviews, and he did not.

Don’t get me wrong – McCain’s not my favorite politician by any means. I’d prefer if he retires. All I’m saying is that I can understand Sarah Palin’s desire and sense of honor to campaign for him, and her doing so does not make her a RINO in my eyes. That is all.


Renee January 23, 2010 at 9:08 am

Too bad Palin loyality isn’t first with the American people, rather than McCain.


WrathofGod January 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm

We Sarah supporters need to remind Sarah why it is we respect and admire her. Campaigning for McCain might be the loyal thing to do, but now is not the time for old party loyalties. Arizona is a conservative state, and JD Hayworth is the conservative dog in this fight. Sarah can send a strong message to her friends and enemies alike by drawing a line in the sand and refusing to get behind Rinos and establishment types who want to “reach across the isle.” McCain didn’t get Sarah where she is today. I believe the Lord had His hand in getting her into the national spotlight and she is at a crossroads and needs to make a tough decision.


Tom January 25, 2010 at 10:41 pm

McCain pro cap and trade, illegal amnesty, McCain/Feingold. Not a maverick but a misfit who has milked his pow status to the hilt. At least he came back. He was not as lucky as I who returned after one year but much luckier than my brother and 58,000 others. There are better candidates in AZ that could use Palin’s help. McCain is on the wrong side of too many issues. I am very disappointed in Sarah Palin.


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