Tea Partying the National Tea Party Convention?

by Ryan on January 23, 2010

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Seeing the widespread grassroots power of the amorphous Tea Party Movement it should come as no shock that some have sought to create an exclusive national leadership as an attempt to coalesce the movement around certain people, events, and message.  The catch is trying to be the first ones to do it so that your people can be the leaders, set the agenda, and speak for the movement in the MSM and to members of Congress.

So, in stepped the group, Tea Party Nation, who has decided to hold a National Tea Party Convention from February 4-6 in Nashville which ran around $350 to $550 a seat, including Sarah Palin as the featured speaker.  It’s already sold out, but not before some have called for a Tea Party outside the conventionRed State‘s Erick Erickson summed up the opposition this way:

Charging people $500.00 plus the costs of travel and lodging to go to a “National Tea Party Convention” run by a for profit group no one has ever heard of sounds as credible as an email from Nigeria promising me a million bucks.

I’m not sure I like where all of this is going.  People are taking the phrase “tea party,” which was an anti-tax, anti-big government action taken by the Sons of Liberty on December 16, 1773, and looking at it like it’s a “Tea Party,” which infers an actual political party:  an alternative to the “Demicans” or “Republicrats” many perceive as the problem in Washington.

I think that’s potentially the wrong approach — it makes the movement trendy and ultimately temporary.  If this grassroots conservative movement is to last it must infiltrate the ranks of the existing national structure of an existing political party in my opinion.  That way people will hear the message, they can’t be brushed off as a temporary extremist movement by the MSM, and the structure is already there for an immediate national electoral impact.  Stay independent in thought, but use the conservative ideals in a useful manner — by scaring the heck out of the parties into changing direction and adopting your point of view.  Scott Brown is already an example of that approach, which should be emulated nationwide in my view.

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