Bayh Evan? Rasmussen Poll Shows Indiana Senate Seat in Play

by Mike on January 25, 2010

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Add Indiana’s Evan Bayh to the list of Senate Democrats now fighting for their political lives.  According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, the formerly popular and safe Bayh now trails Republican Congressman Mike Pence in his bid for re-election.  Fortunately for Bayh, Pence has not declared his candidacy, but that should provide the Senator little comfort.  His lead over declared Republican candidate John Hostetler is a measly three points and he even fails to garner fifty percent of the vote against little-known state Senator Marlin Stutzman.

On the surface, trailing in Indiana isn’t that big a deal for the Democrats.  The Hoosier State is traditionally a reliably Republican state.  Before falling for the Chosen One in 2008, the last time Indiana voted for the Democrat Presidential candidate was 1964.  But Bayh was always seen as a different kind of Democrat to Indiana voters.  He came from a political dynasty (his father was a long serving Senator until ousted by Dan Quayle), served two terms as a relatively moderate Governor and used that carefully-crafted image to win two terms to the U.S. Senate.  As a Senator, Bayh was known for centrist rhetoric and occasional votes against the majority of his party, thereby giving many Indiana voters an excuse to cross party lines.

This year, that charade ended after Bayh voted for Obama’s ineffective stimulus package and outrageous Obamacare proposal.  Like so many other red state Democrats, Bayh showed that he is willing to vote the right way until his liberal bosses need him to do otherwise.  Then he becomes just as liberal as those Democrats in Massachusetts.  Rasmussen’s poll shows us that Hoosier voters may be catching on to that little game and don’t like it one bit.

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