Newsweek: Obama’s Really a Centrist

by Ryan on January 25, 2010

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Newsweek‘s Jon Meacham believes that President Obama is not a “Chicago Che” or an “unreconstructed Great Society liberal” (he’s at least both, by the way), but a centrist at heart who just tried to do too much too soon — Obama was merely thinking with his head not his heart.  Meacham’s apologetic and misleading about Health Care Reform and still tries to (with a straight face) tell the reader that the Stimulus was really a good idea.

Meacham then tries to tell us that Obama has no clarity of vision, like Ronald Reagan did (read the last line of the article to really get miffed!) in his endeavors 30 years ago.  I completely disagree and think Meacham’s dead wrong on this:  Obama has had a consistent freedom-reducing, insidiously Progressive, big-government-centered paternalistic attitude towards nearly every issue.  Obama condescends, not transcends, just with a little more style than John Kerry or Howard Dean.  It’s been his modus operandi since day one.  Obama has a clear vision, and it’s a bad one.

However, if there’s one thing I want the Obama Nation to get out of an article like this is to listen to it.  If they want to believe that Obama is a well-intentioned centrist who is one step away from being Reagan-like in his popularity, then let them think that — it’ll make November a lot easier.

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