New Democrat Strategy — Divide Republicans

by Ryan on January 26, 2010

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We already know that one 2010 Democrat strategy is to blame Bush for everything, even though the Dems have had more power to yield this past year than any President/Congress combo since the Great Society.  Yet, a memo released today also indicates another prong in the Democrat attack:  divide Republicans ideologically between the weak-kneed moderate Progressive wing and the Tea Party Conservative crew.

The fundamental problem with this approach is two-fold: first, it focuses on one’s opponent, giving them the opportunity to take the high-road like Scott Brown (and talk about the Republican’s own direction while simultaneously bashing your record/positions); and secondly, this Republican divide has already been plastered in the media incessantly since November 4, 2008!

Like blaming Bush for everything, this strategy is old, worn out, and most likely won’t be effective… kind of like the Democrat Party in general this past year!

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