Bob McDonnell – The Real Story of the State of the Union

by Sal on January 28, 2010

in Politics

Quick recap of the State of the Union -a long, boring speech in which Obama dug in his heels and attacked Bush.  I don’t think he came across well, and came off as a schoolteacher scolding his students.  Not the image people want in a President.  I don’t see this speech as a plus for Obama.

The real story of the night was the Republican response, delivered by the new Republican Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell.  First off, the setting.  It was a stroke of pure brilliance to put McDonnell in a setting with an audience.  The response usually seems stilted and pales in comparison to a Presidential address to a joint session of Congress.  The live setting gave McDonnell a chance to shine, and shine he did.  McDonnell gave a great defense of Conservatism and limited government, and it stood in sharp contrast to Obama’s speech.  Unlike Obama, McDonnell seemed at ease, approachable, and not like he was lecturing the American people.  He’s certainly a rising star in the GOP.

Update: Video of McDonnell’s address now available.

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Ryan January 28, 2010 at 5:35 pm

This response was awesome — the setting (with all the clapping) is a great change and gives more gravitas to the speaker and the speaker himself was tremendously articulate in getting basic conservative ideals in easy to understand bites.

Plus, I liked the buzz words, especially “unsustainable.” That should be the Republican mantra this year when it comes to spending — it’s true, easy to understand, and easy to pin on the Democrat’s chests.


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