Ryan’s Take on the State of the Union Address

by Ryan on January 28, 2010

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I didn’t like it.

Pretty succinct, huh?!

Aside from the obvious liberal crap and fake platitudes, here’s what I really didn’t like:  Obama’s Chavez-like qualities shown through a few times last night.  The way he immaturely called out the Supreme Court with a poor, populist, and inaccurate argument, knowing they couldn’t respond lest Joe Wilson-like “You Lie” sound-bytes canvas the airwaves at SCOTUS’ expense was a new low. Instead of being the new Joe Wilson, Justice Alito gave his best impression.

Also, when the Republicans laughed (I was laughing too by the way) over the climate change dribble, Obama looked mad at them — as if scolding them for being so unenlightened.  In that moment I still heard echoes of the typical Liberal notion that “getting along” or “bipartisanship” simply means agreeing with and/or capitulating to Liberals.  Actually, I had that sense many times last night.

Truthfully, I got the impression that the entire 70-minute speech could have been summed up easily:

“OK, maybe I wasn’t clear enough, Jerks (that would be us):  you want this stuff I’ve been shoving in your face this past year.  Even if you don’t know it yet, it’s good for you.  I am The OBAMA.  I have Spoken!”

But Barry loves to hear himself talk.  The whole affair last night was about him telling you that YOU don’t get it and despite what anyone else thinks, he’s going to do what he likes with his lap-dog Congress.  OK, this may be a little geekish, but with Nancy Pelosi getting goosed so often last night and the Dems chiming in to ovate with glee to so many bad and harmful policies, I was reminded of this moment from Star Wars:

OK, maybe a bit much, but last night’s speech was definitely not a politically expedient one, rather it was the speech of a bully doubling down for another round at getting your lunch money.

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Chris January 28, 2010 at 7:38 pm

I’ll recap a few things I noticed last night, some of which I mentioned on liveblog:

1) I totally agree with your assessment of his Surpeme Court smackdown. Very mean spirited and his statements were also inacurate. Good for Alito!!! This whole thing reminds me that the Democrats ripped on W for “having an over-reaching executive” (which of course wasn’t true). Can we say double standard?

2) He holds contempt of those who disagree with him. When he speaks, his voice drips with condescension, which makes the listener believe he is right and doesn’t give a darn about the other opinions. Furthermore, his whole God complex really shows as he holds his chin up and does not make direct eye contact with the camera. This tells me he is speaking at or down to the American people, as opposed to them. That chin up pose he does is so annoying and has to go!

3) I did an experiment to count the number of times he said “I.” At times during this speech, I felt like Harry Reid so I probably missed a few I’s and my rough count was 81. Karl Rove had the I’s at 96 and the me’s at 18.

4) I found the lies he told, especially about taxes, to be flat out offensive. He assumed in those statements that Americans are stupid, do not follow the news or don’t understand that he is always right. Americans are smarter than that and last summer’s response at the Town Hall meetings prove that Americans react harshly when their representatives take them for granted and try to pull the wool over their eyes.

5) Viewing this speech, he shows he is an idealogue. Not willing to change course, not willing to pull a Clinton and triangulate. This is good news for Republicans as it will likely be a bloodbath!

6) I am as convinced now that Hillary Clinton will challenge him for the 2012 nommination, as I was in June of 2008 that Sarah Palin was the right person to be the Veep for McCain. It’s no accident that she decided to go to London for a counter-terror or whatever conference in London when she could have simply sent her undersecretary. After the November bloodbath, she WILL resign and we will see a Democrat challenge. Get the popcorn ready!!!

7) Compared to what it was last year, I felt that his applause was rather tepid.

8) Bob McDonnell’s speech was excellent! He got his jabs in quite smoothly (I have to finish up quickly so my sons don’t miss SportsCenter), connected with the American people and gave a clear and positive defense of Conservatism. More importantly, he gave the speech in the Delegates Chamber in the VA Capitol, as well as in front of a live audience was one of the best things he did. McDonnell will likely move up to being Public Enemy #3 (behind Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann) of the left in the coming years.

This speech was highly ineffective and when Americans do some research, read into what was said and peel back the layers to see who his broken promises are benefitting, the thud of his and his party’s approval ratings will be forthcoming!!!


Dee January 29, 2010 at 10:21 am

America will never be whole as long as the right to life granted by our Creator is denied to the unborn.
For the rest of my time, I shall do what I can to see that this wound is one day healed.
Ronald Reagan
State of the Union

“…and we must give back to our children their lost right to acknowledge God in their classroom.”
Ronald Reagan
State of the Union
*sounded like a frontal assault on the school prayer decision by SCOTUS and the Roe v Wade decision.
I searched for Republican outrage at the presidents careless disregard for Seperation of Powers, but none was to be found.


Mike January 29, 2010 at 12:04 pm

I think you just uncovered Republican outrage at the Supreme Court’s disregard for the plain language of the Constitution.


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