Something Brewing in Iran

by Sal on February 1, 2010

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A couple of stories that have surfaced today make me wonder if something is brewing in Iran.  First, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced yesterday that Iran would “deliver a harsh blow to the ‘global arrogance’ on this year’s anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.” The anniversary, which takes place on February 11, marks the beginning of the Islamic Jihadist movement in the middle east in 1979.

By itself, this story may not be of too much note.  Ahmadinejad has a history of shooting his mouth off and making statements that consist more bravado than substance.  Yet a second story that I came across made me wonder.  It was learned today that the U.S. is rushing to deploy missile defenses to the region, as well as deploying several warships to the area.  The move is said to  be in response to the failure of negotiations, and also to dissuade Israel from a preemptive strike.

Is it possible that Obama has learned that negotiations with a madman such as Ahmadinejad do not work, and that there is intelligence saying that something is indeed being planned for February 11?  If so, I don’t expect Israel to wait around and do nothing.

It’s too bad it took until now for Obama to realize this.  When the Iranian elections happened in June, the President could have stood up for the freedom movement there.  Instead, he attempted to remain “neutral” which basically meant that he was quietly backing Ahmadinejad.  It has been learned since that it was because at the time, Obama was just beginning negotiations with Ahmadinejad and he didn’t want something like a pesky freedom movement to mess up those negotiations.

In any case, I hope that Ahmadinejad’s threat is all talk and no action.  The last thing this world needs is another terrorist attack man-made disaster which could lead to a third world war.  If something does happen, however, I sincerely hope that, all partisanship aside, our President is up to the task of defending this nation.

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Ryan February 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm

I also hope that Mahmoud is just mouthing off. If Iran really wanted to get the USA, all they’d have to do is tell the Iranian-funded Hezbollah to activate its American cells and cause a ton of damage here (al Qaeda is younger and more of an overt US target, but Hezbollah has smaller, less complicated schemes, has been in the shadows since the 1970s, and could emerge at any moment under the radar).

If Mahmoud is serious that something’s coming, Israel might be a target, but somehow I don’t see Iran moving against them preemptively… unless of course they have intel that Israel is planning an attack in the near future, as Iran’s nuclear capability slowly materializes — this “harsh blow” could merely be a nuclear test. I agree though, hopefully, it’s just rhetoric.


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