Democrats in Congress Want to Override Supreme Court

by Sal on February 2, 2010

in Judicial Watch,Law,Politics

So I guess that according to liberals, Supreme Court decisions are sacrosanct only when they legislate liberal policies from the bench.  Yet when the court rules in favor of the Constitution as they ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission by holding that collections of people (unions, corporations) had the same free speech rights as individual people, the left goes ballistic.

Now they are trying to legislate around the decision by calling for more transparency (not so bad an idea by itself), passing new regulations that require shareholder approval on all donations (thus making it more difficult for corporations to contribute), and are even toying with the idea of a Constitutional Amendment.  I guess when the court rules in favor of free speech that doesn’t include graphic sexual images or state-sponsored desecration of religious items, the left just can’t handle it.

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