Rahm’s F*&%ing Retarded Statement

by Ryan on February 3, 2010

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The President’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used the phrase “f*&%ing retarded” during a strategy session last August, which has only recently come to light.  So, here we go — the Politically-Correct Police are on the move!

Some in the news media are making a HUGE deal about this.  So Rahm needed to get the obligatory knee pads out to apologize to the offended interest group in question, this time the Special Olympics.  Sarah Palin has even chimed in, so the “fire Rahm” drumbeat has been initiated.  While Rahm should not have used such an inappropriate colloquial statement at the session and deserves all the interest group ridicule he gets (especially after Obama’s tasteless Special Olympics joke last March), we really need to get a handle on political correctness.

I will not call it the “R-word” because clinically, those to whom it refers are mentally “retarded,”  meaning they process much slower than the rest of us.  It’s a real word with a real meaning.  Call them “slow,” and pretty soon we’ll have another “S-word.”  By contrast,  the “N-word” is a bastardization of the French word “negro” which means black.  The terrible history and connotation behind the “N-word” puts it in a completely different realm than “retarded” in my opinion.

Do you know where the popular term “sucks” originally comes from?  I’ll give you a few guesses… right.   But all the time I hear people say: “That [fill in the blank] sucked” or “This State of the Union Address completely sucks.”  It’s in our popular vocabulary.

However, common sense and general etiquette say that “sucks” and “retarded” are not words one uses in front of the boss on formal occasions, especially if that boss works in the Oval Office.  Rahm should be ridiculed, but I don’t think he should lose his job over it — get rid of him for a million other reasons.  Let Palin and crew score all the political points they deserve from Emanuel’s flap, but I still don’t like the Politically-Correct Word Police out there controlling our vocabulary by creating a swear out of a mere colloquialism — trust me, calling it the “R-word” will only encourage kids to ask what it means and it’ll just get more of them saying it!

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Chris February 3, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Two things come to light with this recent incident.

1) It is further confirmed that Rahm Emanuel is a nasty, foul-mouthed human being. We remember hearing these stories about him and this recent incident doesn’t surprise me.

2) Sarah Palin has power and influence. The MSM loves nothing more than to attack, demean and destroy this woman, yet not only does she come back stronger, she forces some sort of change in path for the opposition as had been done with her “Death Panels” comments on health care. While I’m not necessarily a follower of the “word police,” that comment was personal for her beacuse of her son Trig and had she let this one slide, Emanuel wouldn’t have “apologized” for anything.


Chris February 3, 2010 at 7:31 pm

This brief interview discusses Rahm Emanuel and whether or not he should keep his job…not necessarily because of the pejorative he used, but because he stinks as a Chief of Staff. After November, this scenario wouldn’t surprise me, especially who replaces her, considering that this move would simply be equated to reorganizing the deck chairs on the Titanic.


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