Justice Thomas Explains Citizens United Case in Simple Terms

by Sal on February 4, 2010

in Judicial Watch,Law,Politics

Justice Clarence Thomas explained the Citizens United v. FEC case in the simplest terms that I have heard yet:

If 10 of you got together and decided to speak, just as a group, you’d say you have First Amendment rights to speak and the First Amendment right of association. If you all then formed a partnership to speak, you’d say we still have that First Amendment right to speak and of association. But what if you put yourself in a corporate form?

Can it get any easier to understand?  How is this, as Russ Feingold says “one of the worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court?“  It is simply, as Thomas points out, extending freedom of speech to a collection of individuals who happen to incorporate.  Of course, in Liberal loony- land, corporations are evil, and not worthy of free speech.

H/T: Ann Althouse

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