Senate Blocks Nomination of SEIU Thug Craig Becker

by Mike on February 9, 2010

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What a difference having a Republican in Ted Kennedy’s seat makes.  Earlier today the Senate blocked Barack Obama’s nomination of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.  Despite mainstream media headlines to the contrary, Republicans were not alone on this one.  The good news of defeating an SEIU thug cannot be overstated, but I’m more interested in how this story reflects the new political dynamic in Washington D.C.

Scott Brown’s victory  in Massachusetts obviously makes it easier to slow down Obama’s radical liberal agenda.  The Democrats need 60 votes to end filibusters and they only have 59 seats.  But the impact of Brown’s election goes beyond the numbers.  One thing Brown’s victory in the People’s Republic makes clear is that no Democrat is as safe as they thought they were.  When the Democrat Party machine can’t keep their Massachusetts seats safe, the result is that many Democrats in normal states start behaving themselves because they know they could be next.

I’m pretty sure this is only the first of many upcoming votes where Ben Nelson is going to vote the right way.  It probably won’t save his seat in 2012, but for now, Republicans may have some degree of ideological control over Nelson’s seat and possibly other red-state seats currently occupied by Democrats.  That’s not to say we conservatives can rest on our laurels.  Democrats who pretend to be moderate have a tendency to obey their masters when needed.  But today’s vote makes it clear that some Democrats are going to think twice before siding with this President.

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