D.C. Snow Caused by – You Guessed It, Global Warming

by Sal on February 10, 2010

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We’ve always joked that the typical liberal eco-nazi tactic when faced with bad winter weather is that the cooling is part of the warming.  That trend holds true today in a Time Magazine piece which is entitled D.C. Snowstorm:  How Global Warming Makes Blizzards Worse.  The premise is that warmer air leads to more intense storms, so D.C. and Philadelphia are seeing storms that they haven’t seen before.

If that argument were to hold true, then New England would not typically get harsh winter storms, as the New England States are traditionally cooler than the mid-Atlantic.  Yet the New England storms this year have been mild, while the mid-Atlantic storms have been fierce.  In the absense of any credible Global Warming evidence, and in fact with the evidence that we are entering a new mini ice-age, stories like this are last-ghasp tone-deaf attempts by the state-run media to push the liberal eco-nazi agenda of global warming before it all blows up in their faces.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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