In Massachusetts, Health Care is a Mess

by Sal on February 11, 2010

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I’ve written before about my own state’s failing socialized health care system.  The creation of what has become known as RomneyCare has introduced a supply shortage, as everyone who previously did not have health insurance is now demanding health services they didn’t get before, yet there are still the same number of doctors to fulfill that increase in demand.

Cost containment also has not been successful.  Costs in the Commonwealth have risen substantially since RomneyCare was enacted, mostly because the few free-market cost containment provisions that Romney injected into the bill were stripped as soon as he left office.  Patrick has to do something, as the Massachusetts’ Health Care plan is on its way to insolvency.  Now, Gov. Deval Patrick (best-buddy with Obama), who is known for his abysmal approval ratings, is proposing legislation to make him arbiter-in-chief of what hospitals, doctors, and insurance providers can charge their patients, effectively implementing price caps (thanks to MrsSal for forwarding me this article).

Patrick’s proposed legislation gives the state Insurance Commissioner the power to reject and set health care prices, thus leading to central economic planning in regard for health care.  The legislation would, regardless of the actual cost, cap health care prices. This will inevitably lead to the mass-exodus of doctors and other health care professionals from the state.  The legislation will fail to allow hospitals and other providers to charge what they need in order to provide quality care.  As doctors leave the state, the supply of health services will go down, while the demand will stay static.  Additionally, with price caps, health care providers will be forced to cut corners on people’s care, thus reducing the overall quality of health care in a state that has been known for having some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world.

Leave it to liberals to take a problem caused by their bad legislation, and only make it worse by adding on more bad legislation.  The Massachusetts’ Health Care plan was a big reason why voters in our state elected Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate.  We know what socialized health care is, and we don’t like it.  It’s easier for us to fight the battle to undo socialized medicine on a state level than it would be on the federal level.  Massachusetts voters know this, and know what a disaster this plan is.  That’s why Patrick is trying to fix it.  Like all liberals, however, his plan to fix it will only make it far worse.

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