Iran: We’re Nuclear! … Almost

by Ryan on February 11, 2010

in Israel,Politics,Tyranny,War on Terror

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “big” proclamation which was supposed to scare the pants off the West happened to be a pretty predictable one.  Iran is now in possession of some highly-enriched uranium with the capability of enriching higher.  You need 90% enrichment for weapons, but Mahmoud admitted their capabilities range from 20-80%.  Meaning, not much has changed from yesterday to today, except the admission that the process is well under way to getting a bomb within months.

While not a good development, who can really say that this was a surprise?  I’m sure the IAEA is preparing a strongly-worded letter, the US is preparing to enforce new sanctions announced yesterday (whoopie!), and Israel is fueling up the jets for their increasingly inevitable attack.

With nothing else on our whittled options list, our President (if he had any guts) would give an unambiguous speech today promising complete political solidarity with the Iranian street.  External pressure has done nothing but isolate and embolden Mahmoud, so maybe some real internal pressure might make him sweat.  Like all good administrations, Obama could look back at American history and see that over the last sixty years America has supported democratic movements all over the globe.  Solidarity with this student uprising would be consistent with our history and might give us an edge in this latest crisis.  Something new would be silence — certainly “change”, but not a lot of “hope” for Iran’s street should the President remain quiet.

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