Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Ryan on February 14, 2010

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The ultimate Hallmark Holiday comes again this year with promises of lavish gifts and romance for young couples and (almost) guaranteed “special occasion sex” for married ones!  I’m someone who likes these cultural holidays — I still love getting an Irish-buzz for St. Patrick’s Day and dressing up for Halloween parties, along with all the Valentine’s stuff.

While I have no love advice for anyone, I do have some anecdotes for this Valentine’s Day:

When we think of lovers, some think of Romeo and Juliet (minus the blood and poison), Ronnie and Nancy (old people gettin’ busy?  Good for them!), Claire and Cliff (just don’t have “big fun” in Baltimore), because of the strength of their love and devotion.  We appreciate the fact that the ideal lover is one who lets us truly be ourselves while simultaneously needing our partner to complete us.  It’s all very sweet and natural.

However, not all love runs smoothly.  If you’re not careful your love might end up like John and Rielle (why don’t you BE my baby’s daddy!), or Bill and Hill (‘nuff said), or even like these people (some of which is legal in a few states).  Their love seemed self-serving, leaving many star-crossed broken hearts along the way to their selfish goals.  That’s not in the spirit of a holiday named for a martyred saint.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day!  May love fill your day today and all your days to come.

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