Happy Birthday, Tea Party Movement!

by Sal on February 15, 2010

in Politics

A year ago today, the first protest against the onslaught of Big Government occurred in Seattle, WA.  The protest was organized as a response to the stimulus porkulus bill, and led to other tax revolts around the country in Mesa, AZ, Denver, CO, and Overland Park, KS.  Then, on February 19, CNBC’s Rick Santelli let loose his rant heard round the world, in which he talked about imitating the Boston Tea Party in Chicago as a response to the Obama administration’s policies.  The idea caught on, and soon the tax revolts were labeled Tea Parties.  The events were coordinated at the grass-roots level, springing up as a result of Twitter conversations and promotions by blogs, and culminated on April 15, with the National Tax Day Tea Party.

The Tea Party movement is still in its infancy, but its effect on our nation’s politics is strong.  Already, the Tea Party movement has higher favorability numbers than either the GOP or the Democrats.  It’s a movement that is still defining itself, and still figuring out how best to achieve its goals of limited government and fiscal responsibility.  There may be some missteps along the way, but the overall movement has shaken the nation, and put our elected officials on notice.  S0, Happy Birthday Tea Partiers, and may year #2 be even more fruitful than year #1!

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