Nevada Tea Party Founded by Wackos

by Sal on February 15, 2010

in Election 2010,Politics

Looks like the third party organization known as the Nevada Tea Party may in fact be made up of a bunch of wackos.  Confederate Yankee has uncovered details about the signatories to the NTP filing with the Nevada Secretary of State, and it appears that they are made up of wacko conspiracy theorists, not genuine Tea Party conservatives.  An attorney known as Barry Levinson is the Secretary of the NTP.  Levinson was the attorney who defended John Wayne Bobbitt, and was an Obama supporter as well as a “Bush lied people died” protester.  There are others who have dubious histories, including a known 9/11 truther.  All of this leads Confederate Yankee to conclude that the NTP is one of two things:  a front set up by the Democrats in order to try to help Harry Reid, or just a few conspiracy-nut whack jobs trying to capitalize on the Tea Party brand.  Either way, it’s not a formula that should lead to any serious electoral impact.

H/T: Instapundit

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