Are House Democrats 100 Votes Short of Passing ObamaCare?

by Sal on February 16, 2010

in Health Care,Politics

So says Michael Barone, who is one statistician that I am prone to trust.  His analysis rings true.  The Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts had the effect that many of us predicted.  Democrats in Republican-leaning districts (and there are many of them, that is how the Dems captured the House in 2006) are nervous about passing the widely unpopular ObamaCare legislation.  Couple that with the distrust that the House has of the Senate which has been built up over the past year, and you have a situation where 100 Democrat Congressman being uneasy about ObamaCare is entirely plausible.

House Democrats have to take a huge leap of faith to move ObamaCare forward.  They have to pass the Senate bill (inclusive of the Louisiana Purchase, Cornhusker Kickback, and the Cadillac insurance tax) without a single change or amendment, and then ‘trust’ the Senate to fix the bill using reconciliation.  I doubt that many Democrat congressmen will be willing to take that leap of faith.

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