Taliban’s Top Military Commander Captured

by Mike on February 16, 2010

in International Relations,Politics,War on Terror

The New York Times is reporting that American and Pakistani intelligence officials recently captured the Taliban’s top military commander, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in Karachi.  Baradar is in Pakistani custody, but American officials are involved in the interrogations.  They are hopeful that Baradar may have information on the whereabouts of Taliban Leader Mullah Omar.  Capturing a prominent terrorist is itself a cause for celebration, but Americans should be grateful for another reason.  This story shows that both the Obama Administration and the mainstream media may have learned some valuable lessons about the War on Terror.

As Power Line implies, the Obama Administration appears to have finally realized that Mirandizing a terrorist is not the most effective strategy in obtaining information useful in prosecuting the war.  Of course the Administration is unlikely to ever admit that they botched the handling of the terrorist who nearly blew up an aircraft over Detroit on Christmas Day by reading him his rights, but no matter.  By allowing Baradar to remain in Pakistani custody, the Administration has effectively bypassed their artificially-created requirement that terrorists be given the right to remain silent.  As a result the nation is safer even if the Administration never admits it was wrong before now.

The New York Times also appears to have learned a lesson about the War on Terror.  During the Bush Administration, the editors at the Grey Whore apparently thought it was their journalistic duty to expose useful covert information for the whole world to see.  As the above-linked Times piece makes clear, the Obama Administration has succeeded in teaching the Times that national security sometimes requires media outfits to refrain from publishing sensitive information.  Of course the Times’ prudent decision regarding Baradar could also be political bias, but no one could ever seriously question the integrity of the New York Times.  Therefore, they must have learned a valuable lesson.

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