Deficit for FY-2010 Clocks in at $430.69 Billion

by Sal on February 17, 2010

in Economy,Politics

The Federal Deficit has clocked in at $430.69 billion through the first four months of FY-2010 (the federal fiscal year starts in October).  If the deficit continues on this pace, it will clock in at $1.29 trillion, although it is expected to clock in even higher at $1.59 trillion (I guess the government is going on a spending spree later in the year).  It is worth noting that the largest annual deficit in the entire Bush administration was 2008′s $482 billion, just 50 billion higher than Obama has spent in the first four months of 2010.  So, Mr. President, how can you say with a straight face that Bush saddled you with these ‘record deficits?’

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