Liberalism Fails Every Time it’s Tried

by Sal on February 17, 2010

in Election 2010,Politics

Liberalism fails every time it’s tried.  In an editorial today, the Wall Street Journal outlines the utter failure of Democrat liberal governance every time the American people have granted them one-party rule.  Since the 1960s, the Democrats have had control over both houses of Congress and the Presidency four times – in the late 1960s under Johnson, after Watergate with Jimmy Carter, with Bill Clinton, and today with Barack Obama.  Each of those times, liberalism has proven unpopular with the American People, who have swiftly run them out of office.

Witness states where Liberalism has been the governing ideology – Michigan, Rhode Island, California to name a few.  These states are in the process of undergoing financial collapse, with unemployment surging above the national average.  America does not function as a liberal nation.  Every time it’s tried, the people reject it.  Democrats have through the last 40 years consistently misread the public unhappiness with the GOP as a mandate for liberalism, and each time they have been dealt a sound defeat during the next election cycle.  What does this election cycle hold, and how will the failure (yet again) of liberalism shape this generation’s view of government?

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