J.D. Hayworth – Birther?

by Sal on February 18, 2010

in Politics

A lot of Conservatives were excited to see J. D. Hayworth enter the primaries against Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) due to McCain’s constant thumbing his nose at Conservatives for the past eight years.  True, McCain has been seemingly more conservative since his electoral defeat to the chosen one, but one obviously has to question his commitment to Conservative principles.  J.D. Hayworth was seen as a chance to finally primary someone who has frustrated many of us for a long time.  However, given some recent statements, one wonders if Hayworth is a certified nut.  He refuses to denounce birthirism, and subtly questions Obama’s birth certificate in several interviews.  In this first one, from January 27 with Chris Matthews, he stated that the President should produce his birth certificate:

More recently, in an interview this week with CNN’s Campell Brown, he was challenged on this issue, and he tried to dodge it, finally saying that all politicians should produce their birth certificates to prevent identity theft (“identity theft is real, Jim!”)*

Now, I would love to see John McCain primaried, but do we really want to rally behind someone who is a birther?  What happens to the message and the credibility of the Tea Party movement if J.D. Hayworth turns out to be a complete nut job.  He may not be there yet, but he is flirting dangerously close.  With statements like this, I’d have to throw my support behind McCain.  Others in the Conservative blogosphere are coming to the same conclusion.  Too bad, because it would have been fun to watch.

* Fans of The Office should recognize this quote

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twocanpete February 24, 2010 at 9:39 am

Certified nut? You must be talking about the ‘certified nut’ who wrote this article. You would have to be mentally impaired to accept someone as President who can’t even tell you the name of the doctor who delivered them as a baby or at the very least present a birth certificate that lists the hospital they were born in. Please do the true conservative who love liberty a favor and leave this kind of trashy, yellow journalism off your site.

Best Regards



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