The Iraq War is Now “Operation NEW DAWN”

by Ryan on February 21, 2010

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The Iraq War is getting an official name change from Operation Iraqi Freedom to the much clearer and more succinct “Operation New Dawn.”  Like changing the name of the War on Terror to “overseas contingency operations” the Obama Administration has done it again — change the name, infer the completion of the mission, and claim victory whether or not conditions have changed one bit!  Geez, no wonder everyone thought Bush was so dumb — all he needed to do was change the names of things and it would have made it all better!

The thing is though, “Operation New Dawn” isn’t even an original name!  Operation New Dawn (al-Fajr) was the local name of Operation Phantom Fury under which we took Fallujah back in late 2004.  The Iraqi ministers didn’t like the sound of “Phantom Fury” (I guess it reminded them too much of a bad George Lucas movie — meessa don’t like a-dat one either!), so we changed it.

So the Obama Nation has decided to essentially recast the war to demonstrate our changing role in that country by changing its name.  Truth be told, Operation Desert Shield turned into Desert Storm, so there is a precedent for this, but what has changed recently to warrant the name change now?  What’s wrong with calling it Operation Iraqi Freedom?  Read this op-ed to pursue that chain of thought — does “Dawn” say more than “Freedom” as to the nature of our mission in Iraq?  These folks are both confusing and embarrassing when it comes to foreign policy.

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Mr. Blue February 21, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Yeah, more like operation RED DAWN!


Richard S. Lowry February 23, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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