So Scott Brown Voted for Reid’s Job’s Bill. Get Over it.

by Sal on February 22, 2010

in Politics

So Scott Brown voted to start debate on Harry Reid’s $15 billion scaled-back “jobs bill”.  The original “bi-partisan” bill was supposed to be a lot more – $85 billion.  The bill from the House is even larger still – $154 billion.  Now, this so-called jobs bill won’t do anything, and sure, I’m disappointed that my Senator, Scott Brown, voted for cloture.  But there are many on the Internet that are calling him a RINO, wanting their campaign donations back, etc.

People, get over it.  Chill out.  Everyone knew going into this that Scott Brown was not a 100% Conservative.  He got elected from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts for God’s sake.  You can’t expect Jim DeMint out of this state, it’s just too far gone.  In the end, there has to be some pragmatism involved here.  The GOP is down 18 votes in the Senate, and we have to take imperfect candidates (and pretty much every candidate is imperfect; even Reagan gave in to some spending increases in order to advance his broader agenda) if they on balance help advance the cause of Conservatism or slow the growth of government.

Scott Brown is helping in that regard on ObamaCare and Cap and Tax – two bills he vowed to vote against.  This so-called “jobs bill” is an unfortunate vote on his part, but it is hardly unexpected, it’s not the apocalypse, and I’m not willing to lump Brown in yet with the Lincoln Chafee’s of the world.  Time will tell just how helpful Brown is to the cause.  We should be vocal in expressing our opposition to his decision, but it’s far too early and not big enough of an issue to toss him overboard.

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