Super Mario Bros. for Piano

by Sal on February 24, 2010

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A bit of pop-culture nostalgia for a boring Wednesday.  I happen to be a huge fan of all things Nintendo.  I grew up with the original NES, and Super Mario Bros. was the first game I got for the system.  I also happen to be a piano player.  So, imagine my (somewhat geeky) surprise when MrsSal found a site where someone had transcribed all of the original music and sound effects from the classic Super Mario Bros into sheet music for piano.  For non-piano players, the site also offers a player where you can listen to the music as played on the piano.  Some of the sound effects are cheesy, but the music is spot on.  They have the original theme, the underworld theme, my personal favorite the flagpole fanfare, and more.  A fun trip down memory lane.  And yes, I admit it, I’ll definitely be trying to play some of these in the near future.

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