A Nor’easter by Any Other Name

by Ryan on February 25, 2010

in Natural Disasters,Nature,Politics,science

Central Jersey already has had about three or four inches and it’s going to get much worse.  In the midst of all this global warming, we have another double-digit snow storm (the third in February alone!).  We should have 10-16 more inches before tomorrow afternoon as the latest Nor’easter hits this area.

“Nor’easters” are large snow storms which suck energy from the Atlantic Ocean dumping feet of snow on New England and the Middle States from a Northeasterly direction as they go by.  It’s a word I’ve heard all my life and a kind of storm I’ve experienced in differing degrees every winter.  This year I’ve heard some new phrases for big snow storms: “Snowmageddon,” “Snowpacalypse,” or a “Snowicane.”  The “Snowicane” is my favorite because it tries to infer that we’re experiencing a hurricane in the winter — something Eco-Nuts have been hoping for.  Whatever you call it, it’s a bad snow storm.  It ain’t the first, it won’t be the last.

Some condescend, saying that just because it’s snowing like crazy, all this does NOT mean global warming is a farce, and that mere observational science is for troglodytes.  While a heavy snow year doesn’t mean an Ice Age is coming, it doesn’t mean global warming is apparent either.  It means it’s a heavy snow year.  I loathe the fact that nowadays we have to suffer hysterical Libs after every weather report!  To them, warmth in January is no longer the perennial “January Thaw,” but must have political ramifications consistent with their world view.  They’re like cult members putting God global warming/climate change into every gap of their arguments!

However, all this snow does mean that I need to thank my parents for buying me a sweet new snow shovel last Christmas!

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