Obama’s Healthcare Summit Backfires

by Sal on February 25, 2010

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The Health Care Summit, an attempt by President Obama to recapture the momentum on the ObamaCare debate, occurred today, and was a disaster for the President and Congressional Democrats.  The Republicans came bringing their A-game, armed with the facts, and highlighted copies of the bill.  They spoke substantively, bringing up their objections to the bill and alternative ideas.  The Democrats gave sob story after sob story, straw man after straw man.  They appeared disorganized and lacking in the facts. Obama himself came across as an angry professor, and was rude, condescending, and obviously rattled whenever the Republicans scored a point.  He kept diverting and dodging, and using such tactics as “let’s stay away from talking points” and “the people don’t care about the process” whenever the GOP brought up a good point that he couldn’t rebut.

In the end, what was likely an attempt by the White House to trap the Republicans into an embarrassing situation as the party of “no” ended up backfiring miserably for them.  In reality, it was Obama who needed to score points today, and when even CNN analysts say the Republicans were on their game, you know it was disaster for the Democrats.  There is plenty of sites with video out there, but I’m only going to post the one that struck me the most, where Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) laid out not only the case against ObamaCare, but also the case for limited government in general:

Score one for the GOP.

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Ryan February 25, 2010 at 10:00 pm

If I hear Obama say he won the 2008 Election one more time I might explode! You’re right about Obama’s performance: cocky, unprepared, and playing cheap political theater. Hannity just had on a Frank Luntz focus group which beat the heck out of Obama and the Democrat’s performance at the summit.

Is it just that we get it and Obama doesn’t? No. He gets it. Permanent power and his eternal monument trump any amount of minute contemporary political maneuvering. 2010 could be a bloodbath, but ObamaCare would endure nonetheless. He gets it — that’s why he’s scary.

That being said, I agree with you that Paul Ryan was the superstar today. Sharp, articulate, armed with the facts, Ryan didn’t have to parade straw men to get his point across.


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