What to do with a Bad Poll with a Great Outcome

by Ryan on February 26, 2010

in Culture,Media Bias,Politics

I kind of experienced what it must be like to be a Lib today when I read that in a CNN poll, 56% of the American people believe that “the federal government poses a threat to rights of Americans.”

“But wait!” you say, “that’s not a Liberal position!”

No, but it is a poll of “adults” (the most unreliable kind of sampling) given on the phone (think about who’s more likely to be home and NOT hang up) from CNN (need I say more).  Many Libs I know tend to cling to unreliable crappy polls which reinforce what they hope people are thinking.  The MSM shovels that kind of stuff to them all the time, which keeps them miserable around election time.

I don’t like to buy into those polls, so what does one do with a bad poll with a great outcome?  I’d like to think that “adults” who are home talking to phone pollsters from CNN are more Liberal than the general public, so I’d like to think the real percentage is higher — but that’s the trap for an intellectually honest reader of polls.  I’d love to believe it, but I’d need to see more polls saying the same thing with better sampling.  It’s an encouraging thought.

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