A New Greek Oracle

by Ryan on February 28, 2010

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The ancient Oracle of Delphi used to be a spot where ancient Greeks would go to breathe in various toxic fumes and listen to Pythia tell them about possible futures in cryptic phrases and symbols.  Well, millennia later, the Greeks still have some prophesying to do — this time on the eventual collapse of what many have called the “Bismarckian” welfare state which has dominated the West for most of the last century.

Here are the first signs of where our debt-road may lead:

The ever-entertaining and wise Mark Steyn has written a great article summarizing the nature of the crisis: the financial unsustainability of the welfare state due to lower fertility rates coupled with massive entitlement debt that can’t be paid off by the dwindling number of people left in your country will inevitably led to trouble, as it has in Greece.  Steyn likens Greece to being in a canoe about to go over the falls, while America is still upstream a little bit.  Rather than pulling to the shore, the Obama Administration seems content to keep us paddling toward the abyss, adding urgency through a possible new Health Care entitlement we can’t afford.

Will America eventually see the kind of violence currently being experienced in Greece?  Maybe.  It’s going to be very hard telling the “recipient class” (kudos to Andrew Wilkow for introducing me to the term) that they can’t receive as much because the system (which they aren’t contributing to) is going broke.  Add in some anti-business populism, accusations of racism, poverty junkies looking for their next fix and yes, I think we could see some street violence once the hard decisions need to be made here in America.  However, we can reduce its impact if we start ASAP and ween the addicted off the drug of their entitlements responsibly.

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