Brighton (UK) Tea Party Update

by Ryan on March 1, 2010

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Well, keep in mind that they’re British and they do mean well.  Saturday’s Brighton Tea Party managed to attract around 300 people (some having to be turned away due to room occupancy issues) in what turns out to be a very “Green” (read: “Red”) locale.  As Daniel Hannan said on his blog:

“If you can run a tea-party in Brighton Pavilion… you can run one anywhere.  You don’t have to be a small-government Conservative to feel that taxation, spending and borrowing are currently too high.”

Three hundred people at a major Tea Party in the States would be nearly a failure, but keep in mind that 13 months ago, the only Tea Party anyone knew about was back in 1773 in (of all places) Boston.  Plus, there was only two days notice about the Brighton event anyway.  We’ll have to wait and see if Brighton’s Tea Party sets off a significant anti-tax movement in the UK, but Hannan seems hopeful that there may be something brewin’ in Britain.

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