Obama: Reconcile THIS!

by Ryan on March 3, 2010

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Where’s the modern day Paul Revere galloping through the towns this night shouting “The White Coats are coming!  The White Coats are coming!“?  Maybe Paul’s waiting to see how things shake out over the next few weeks.

As it turns out in a speech earlier today, President Obama decided that health care reform simply must be rammed through in an “up-or-down” vote the next few weeks regardless of what anyone thinks, inferring that the “reconciliation” process should be used in the Senate.  Yet, here’s a montage of what the President has said in the past about the “50-plus-1″ reconciliation-like approach to governing.   Here’s the President today:

“We can’t just give up because the politics are hard. I know there’s a fascination, bordering on obsession, in this media town about what passing health insurance reform would mean for the next election and the one after that. … I will leave it to others to sift through the politics. Because that’s not what this is about.”

Even though the President already won a Nobel Prize (cough), he seems convinced that what he’s doing is going to get him a chapter in some new Profiles in Courage one day.  Hypocrisy doesn’t seem to phase our “true-believer” President.  I don’t think this is merely about flanking himself with people in lab coats to convince a wavering public that Dear Leader is right.  The stagecraft is merely obligatory now.  The will of the public and the institutional Congressional process are against passage of any kind of bill like this, but when Chicagoland comes to DC, rue the day when one comes between this beast (the bill) and its prey (us).

That’s not how I think the system is supposed to work.

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