The Hurt Locker Wins Best Picture

by Ryan on March 8, 2010

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Yesterday, Iraq had another in a series of successful parliamentary elections, moving them closer to a functioning democracy which can police itself and defend it’s territorial integrity. It’s wasn’t a perfect situation, dozens were killed in attacks on election sites, but the people seem determined to take the path of democracy.

In unrelated news, yesterday, the Academy decided to give its coveted “Best Picture” award to a movie about the Iraq War, 2008′s The Hurt Locker.  The film also won the “Best Director” award for Kathryn Bigelow (James Cameron’s ex-wife… his film in the game was Dances With Wolves Avatar). Could it be that the Academy is going soft on the Iraq War, or did they just recognize a good movie as a good movie?  Might be a little of both.

Apparently, many people are a bit upset because not many people have seen The Hurt Locker, so they don’t understand why it won.  Well, that’s why Best Picture winners show up in the theaters for an encore and why the Academy always gets criticism from me for being too insider.

That being said, I thought it was a really good movie.  It was apolitical (as much as one can about the Iraq War), really tense (the plot revolves around a careless guy on bomb squad looking for IEDs), and dealt with a lot of other military and personal issues.  It doesn’t seem like a Best Picture kind of movie:  it’s intimate, it deals with a controversial topic not presented with an obvious Liberal bias, and its stars and director are generally unknown.  But, I liked the movie (a solid A-), even though its plot was kind of thin.  Here’s the trailer:

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